UCLA Global Online presents an exciting opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to get a UCLA education. No distance is too great, and we can work with almost any schedule. But how does “distance learning” work? And what can you expect as a student of UCLA Global Online?


UCLA has an exceptional faculty who are leading scholars and researchers in their disciplines. It includes multiple Nobel Prize winners, MacArthur Fellows, and even Grammy, Emmy, and Academy Award-winners.

UCLA is the 2nd ranked global university in terms of American public universities, and 10th ranked global university in the world, according to US News and World Report.

Great Education by Design

A recent study of chief online officers in American higher education institutions revealed that 75% of the institutions had no requirement that a faculty member work with instructional designers to develop their courses.

At UCLA Global Online, we not only pair instructional designers with faculty, but also require them to go through training related to online learning before developing and teaching a course.

UCLA Global Online is using research on learning by UCLA scholars to inform the nature of the educational experience. We want all of our students to have the benefit of university research that enhances the learning experience.


We also offer extraordinary service, both in the digital classroom and outside of it. We are committed to providing a seamless service experience to students, regardless of location.

One of our key values is Students First. We want UCLA Global Online students to see us as valued partners in their success. This philosophy guides much of our strategy.


We have a sensitivity to cultural and learning differences that international students bring with them. UCLA currently serves thousands of international students each year. Our experience over many years has helped us develop an understanding of working with very diverse audiences.

Located in Los Angeles

UCLA is also located in one of the most diverse cities in the world — reflecting what much of the world is becoming

Because UCLA is located in Los Angeles, it has the unique flair that is Los Angeles.

Engaging: Engaging: Stimulating, motivational
Relevant: Up-to-date and fresh
Interactive: Students and instructors, students and students

The first thing to know is that UCLA Global Online students receive the same quality of education as students in our traditional, “on the ground” classrooms. The only difference is the method of delivery.

No two courses are identical. Each is tailored to the needs of the students and powered by the vision of the instructor. Courses may contain videos, audio, chat, real-time live streaming, white boards, or any other configuration the instructor feels is best.

Students simply log in online to access message boards, receive assignments, interact with faculty and fellow students, and more.

Some of the technologies that may come into play include Skype, Canvas, Panopto, email, and our own in-house systems.

Our number one goal is to make learning enjoyable, easy, and – most of all – effective.

Courses are designed to provide maximum flexibility.

That being said, course activities, assignments, and exams, must be completed by their respective due dates.

For most 3-credit courses, you should expect to spend approximately 8 to 12 hours per week on readings and assignments. You will want to allow extra time when you have exams, projects, or papers. Graduate-level courses will likely require more time in a week.

Yes! As a student of UCLA Global Online, you enjoy the same rights and privileges as any other student. Learn more here.

Yes! You are invited to attend graduation like any other student, and it may be the first time you ever set foot on campus. (You are not required to come, however.)

We want to be with you to celebrate your accomplishments. Full information will be sent to you before graduation.

Yes! You become a Bruin immediately upon graduation, and join our family of 500,000 alumni. This means networking, events, access to alumni-only benefits are more. Learn more here.